Friday, March 8, 2013

Birding at Bass Lake

I got home from school to face three long hours of boredom preceding dinner.  I decided I would head out to Bass Lake, my local hotspot, to try some birding.  I wasn't expecting much (migration is still a few weeks off) but I was pleasantly surprised.  I saw my first Horned Grebe for my park list (my 70th species in the park), and the first Osprey I've seen in Wake County this year.  A lot of passerines were flitting around the brush along the trail, enjoying the first warm-ish day since January (crazy NC weather).  These flocks included White-throated, Swamp, and Song Sparrows, as well as Eastern Towhees, Carolina Chickadees, and Yellow-rumped Warblers.  I also spotted two Eastern Phoebes (snapped a few photos) and almost a dozen Pied-billed Grebes.  I ended the 80-minute excursion with 31 species, a personal best at this location.  With the spring influx of warblers approaching, I will definitely be visiting this local park more frequently.

One of the two Eastern Phoebes I saw at Bass Lake.   Eastern Phoebes are the only flycatchers to regularly winter in NC. 

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  1. Lucas--I love the photo of the Eastern Phoebe. The background almost glows. Even with monochromatic colors (which I really like), the Phoebe is still the highlight of the pic.