Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Migration Updates and Birding at Bass Lake, Yet Again

I haven't written a post recently, so I though I could mention what's been going on with my birding. I've picked up several flycatchers: a Great Crested Flycatcher at the Harris Lake Upper Ramp (and many since), several Eastern Kingbirds, and got a great view of an Acadian Flycatcher at Swift Creek Bluffs, my first Empidonax.  I also spotted a Green Heron at Yates Millpond, another first-of-year.

Today I headed out to Bass Lake after dinner to try my luck at more spring migrants.  I've had pretty bad luck with warblers this Spring, and today was a continuation of this bad streak - not a single one was there.  I did hear the distinctive "ee-o-lay" call of Wood Thrushes ringing through the forest.  I managed to spot one of the birds for a brief glimpse of my 184th bird species this year.  I worked my way back to where Basal Creek works its way into the lake.  Deep in the swamp, I heard what I had suspected would be at Bass Lake for a long time, but have never heard there - Barred Owls.  Two were energetically calling in the distance.  The activity makes me wonder if the two have a nest back there.  I will probably work my way back there again some other evening and try to listen to the owls for a little longer.

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