Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring - Finally

I managed to pick up a few more birds on my trip North - a Common Redpoll in Maine, a Common Raven and a Common Goldeneye in Vermont.  Coincidentally, they were all "common".  But now I'm back in North Carolina, where spring has begun to finally show itself.

The first bird I saw today was a first-of-year Barn Swallow off US-64, as I flew by at 75 mph.  I decided to take advantage of the great weather once I got home, and convinced my parents to go to Bass Lake with me.  I was surprised at what I found there.  The first example of new arrivals was a small flock of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers.  My dad spotted (and I ID'd) a Northern Parula singing from a small tree, giving me some of the best views of this energetic migrant I've had.  A big surprise was my first Common Raven I've seen in Wake County (ever).  It flew overhead soaring on massive wings, then landed in a distant tree.  Ravens typically don't stray into central NC, instead they prefer to stick to the mountains.

Today was a sign of things to come - more migrants, warmer weather, and interesting bird activity.  Though I'm not exactly looking forward to 95 degree days later this year, I am anxious for Spring Migration to come into full swing.

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