Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bittern At Last

The American Bittern at Prairie Ridge was still being reported.  And I still hadn't seen it.  I really wanted the chance to photograph this bird, and to take some videos.  On Saturday after a quick stop at Lake Crabtree, where I saw a snipe and a few ducks, I decided to give Botaurus lentiginosus another shot.  
Eastern Phoebe at Lake Crabtree's Southport Entrance (in an industrial park).  I would post the snipe photo, but it is actually really terrible and it looks like a mud clod.  But it wasn't a mud clod.  I promise.
I walked over the ridge and descended toward the pond.  There was a group of three birders already there - this is certainly a popular bird!  They were all looking intently into a brushy area.  I hoped that was a good sign.  

It was.  The bittern was just a few yards away, hunkered down in the woody brush near the pond.  I spent about an hour observing it slowly and stealthily feed on tadpoles.  It was well worth my third trip out there to see this spectacular bird.  For my video, click here.

The Prairie Ridge Bittern, finally!

Right at home.

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