Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Grebe-vasion

Red-necked Grebes - they're pretty rare down South, especially inland.  So when I saw dozens of reports from central North Carolina with crazy numbers of these large Podicipediformes, I couldn't resist heading down to Harris Lake to track a few down.  It didn't take long.  One grebe gave me great views through the scope.  Their was no wind, and the light was just about perfect - ideal scoping conditions.  Red-necked Grebes are notoriously hard to get good looks at, so I was ecstatic about this one.  I continued scanning the lake from my viewpoint on the boat ramp parking area.  There was a second grebe, this one further away.  Two Red-necked Grebes in a few minutes - not an every day (or even every-year) occurrence in Wake County.
Red-necked Grebe, a pretty massive fellow compared to his other grebe cousins.
The increased numbers of Red-necked Grebes in the South seems to be directly correlated to the deep freeze up north - most of these birds typically winter on the Great Lakes, which are almost completely frozen over right now.  I certainly can't complain.  County lifer #199 - Red-necked Grebe.


  1. We are having a RNGR invasion here in east TN too! Still have yet to see one...

    1. Yeah, this invasion has been crazy, our lakes are still crawling with them. Good luck to you!